Our coffee is freshly grinded before serving, beans are from local roaster and roasted date between 7 to 30 days for best tasting experience

Selection includes Syphon Coffee, Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte ,Ice Latte, Ice Americano, Mocha and Ice Mocha

What is Syphon Coffee?

Syphon Coffee – using a heat lamp, the water reaches 94C and the pressure forces the water into the upper chamber.  Coffee is then poured into the upper chamber, diffused into the water for over a minute.  The heat source is then removed, and the coffee is syphoned back down into the pot.



Our Cold drip coffee is available, drip slowly for 6 to 8 hours for smooth refreshing taste.  (Summer ONLY, limited quantity per day)

  We also have varies latte flavors:  matcha latte, white matcha latte (made by white tea), Jasmine green tea matcha latte, Earl grey latte, and our New Cloud latte (made by butterfly blue pea flower, green tea, freeze dried raspberry and lychee syrup)


We are also tea enthusiast, always looking for new and different experience to present to our customer.

Our selection of tea includes (subject to change):

Lavender Earl Grey (black tea)

Earl Grey (black tea)

Bukhial TGFOP Assam (black tea)

Black Currant (black tea)

Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling TFGOP (black tea)

Cream of Avalon (black tea)

Rose Berry Blossom(black tea)

Balangoda Ceylon FP(black tea)

Black Forest (Black Tea)

Cochin Masala Chai (Black Tea)

Bingo Blueberry (fruit tea)

Strawberry Kiwi (fruit tea)

Honey Fig Tree(fruit tea)

Pina Colada(fruit tea)

African Queen(fruit tea)

Mango Tango(fruit tea)

Ginger Apple Rooibos (herbal tea)

On The Water Front(herbal tea)

Lullaby(herbal tea)

Golden Glow (herbal tea)

Organic Ginger Mate Chai (herbal tea)

Pick Me Up (herbal tea)

Sowmee (white tea)

Japan Sencha (green tea)

Japanese Hojicha (green tea)

Organic Kyoto Cherry Rose Sencha(green tea)

Lychee Jasmine (green tea)

Blue Suede Shoes (green tea)

Organic Spring Garden Bliss (green tea)

Sweet Lemon (green tea)

Ti Kuan Yin Oolong