Welcome to My Cup Of Tea Dessert!


After a long and tough year, we are NOW OPEN for indoor dining!  Thank you again for all your support during this pandemic 😘

Our New Summer Tea Set is also ready, come in and enjoy the summer with our tasty and beautifully decorated Tea Set.

Our operating hours are still fluctuating with the ever changing rules and we are also short staffed.  Until further notice, we are open for reservation only on weekdays.  Also highly suggest reservation for weekend due to COVID limited seating.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Note also that take out is still available, with 2 days advance notice.

Our Scones are also available for take out (minimum 6 for each flavor)
They are freshly baked, so please DM or call us to order
– Classic butter Scone
– Lychee Jasmine
– Earl Grey
– Lavender Earl Grey
– Sweet Lemon
– Kyoto Cherry Rose
– Black Currant

We specialize in Afternoon Tea Set, Dessert, and freshly ground Coffee.

We have over 20 selections of tea, from traditional Earl Grey, fruity Strawberry Kiwi and Black Currant, to Organic Kyoto Cherry Rose.

If you are into Coffee, check out our Syphon Coffee, we use locally roasted beans that is always fresh (1 to 3 weeks).  Or try our Ice Latte, smooth and refreshing.

Have a bit more time and want to relax?  Afternoon Tea set is your choice.  With a combination of savory and dessert – Freshly baked Scones, beautifully decorated desserts, makes a fun and pleasant afternoon.

Want something sweet and tasty?  Come for our choices of Desserts, Waffle, Coffee Parfait and Chocolate Fondue


Our menu items changes often so there’s always something new to try, follow us on Instagram to see what’s new!